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STARBASE Celebrates Girl's Halloween Science Event

posted Nov 19, 2014, 9:49 AM by Barbara Marquer

Girls Halloween Science Overnight-er a Success

October is a great time to combine science with Halloween!  STARBASE and The Cheyenne Area Girl Scouts partnered together to provide an opportunity for girls to enjoy and night of learning science.

12 Cadets Girls Scouts joined Tree at STARBASE to plan and overnight Halloween Science experience for Junior Girl Scouts.  Three weeks before the event, The Cadettes planned, practiced and organized the vent.  On October 24th, they gathers three hours early to set up, dree in costume and put the finishing touches on the ghoulish night.

The night started off with:  Glow in the Dark slime, Hannah and Lyrick; Bubbling Dry Ice/Dry ice crystal ball, TaTa and Becky; Chromatography/Kinetic Sand        ,Taylor and Brooklyn; Exploding marshmallows/balloons, Eva and Steve; Eerie Sounds, Caitlin and Mandy.

When the girls finished their glow in the dark, creepy science experiments, the Cadettes assisted with science make-up for a freak, frightening Halloween costume.

Instead of trick or treating, to earn their treats, the girls had to build perform the following science challenges: Creepy Circuit, Spooky Robot, Shrink Wrap Scout, Mummification, Artistic Adventure, Rising Ghost, Mysterious Picture, INVENT YOUR OWN Science(triple the candy, but MUST to do all challenges first.

It was well past midnight when the group settled in for some snacks and a late night movie. Most of the Cadettes completed the night with compiling all the pictures and making a final PowerPoint presentation.

This was the fourth Girl Scout overnight-er planned at STARBASE. Past events include CSI, High Tech Fashion, and Technology Night at the Museum.